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Windows is an awesome operating system and does come with a lot of functionalities that eases our day-to-day task. One of them is the “type here to search” box, which windows have provided on the left-hand corner of the screen, near the start menu button. It’s pretty handy and helps to find files and folders on the system quickly. If you are looking for any app, settings, files, or maybe any new information from the web, you can just type it in the search box to get results. It also works as a calculator and can get you answers to some math problems ;).

In this post, I’m going to talk about the windows search box and how you can remove this search bar from the taskbar if you don’t want it.

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Windows Search Box Features

Microsoft is trying to promote its Windows search box. One of the big steps that they took is to provide rewards for using their search box. Microsoft started a rewards program where if you do web searches from their search box, you will be awarded points. These will be counted daily when you are signed in and will keep on aggregating. Once you collect enough, you can claim them for rewards. Check out the Microsoft rewards program here.

Windows Search Box Rewards Program

“Type here to search” box also provides you some quick answers similar to Alexa and Siri. So, if you want to get some information regarding the weather, news, etc. you do not need any browser. You can just type in your search query and get the result instantly from the web

One more good feature is you can use it with other Microsoft tools like OneDrive, Outlook, etc. Search box can provide you some quick results for these queries. It does not only search the files and information on your device but also across other Microsoft products.

Microsoft search box comes with some cool features and rewards opportunities. But are you among the users who do not like the search box in the taskbar? Do you rarely use it and aren’t even sure whether that search box was there before? Then keep on reading.

Windows keeps coming up with new updates and one of them involved getting the “type here to search” box near your start menu option. I can understand most people don’t like changes. In this case, the search bar anyway takes up extra space that you can use to pin your essential windows apps. If you think the same, then check the section below. I’ll show you how you can revert this Windows 10 update. It came in the 1903 version, which automatically puts the search box in your taskbar.

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How to Remove the “Type Here to Search” Box from Taskbar?

The “type here to search” box is a white rectangle box that sits near the Windows 10 start button. It is on the left-hand side of your screen. And takes up the space of a lot of apps that you can pin in.

To remove the “Type here to search box” from your windows screen or your windows taskbar you can do is just select the “Search” option by right-clicking on the menu bar and click the “hidden” option.

Once you do this you can see that type here to search box is now gone. What just now happened is, since we selected the hidden option, Windows called the built-in function to remove the search bar from the Start menu. It does not have any impact on the Windows search capabilities and just changes the appearance of the taskbar.

Of course, if you, later on, decide that you want the search box back or maybe want to experiment with it a little bit, you can get it back easily as well. For that, you have to do the same thing. Like right-click on the taskbar, go to the “Search” option by right-clicking on the taskbar and select “Show Search Box”. The search box will again be visible.

You will see that there is also one other option besides “show search box” and “hidden” which is “show search icon”. So, instead of a search box if you want a search icon just select this option and you would be good. The search icon will also appear at the same place, on the left-hand side, right next to the start menu option. When you will hover over it, it will again show you the same windows search box.    

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