How to Transfer Files from Windows to iPhone Without iTunes?

When it comes to transferring data from your laptop to iOS the first thing that comes to mind is Airdrop. it’s fast, convenient, and works just great. However, it works only if you have a Mac. As for Windows, well Airdrop isn’t a solution. So, if you are a Windows user and you’re looking for a method to transfer files from Windows to iPhone without iTunes this article is for you. In this post, I’ll be talking about six different apps that you can use to transfer data from your Windows laptop to your iOS device wirelessly. Let’s get started.

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ShareIt App

The first app on this list is ShareIt. I know ShareIt kind of gained its popularity on Android, but the app works just as good on iOS as well. In fact, it works a bit better as there aren’t those on your face ads when you use it on your iPhone. To use ShareIt to transfer data from Windows to your iPhone, you will have to download the client on both devices.

ShareIt App for File Transfer

Then simply click on send or receive on either device depending upon who is the sender and the receiver. It works great. File transfer is fast, and the app is quite easy to use. The only issue here is that the windows app for ShareIt is kind of unstable which may lead you to look into other alternatives.

You can download ShareIt from here.

Airdroid App

This brings us to the next app which is Airdroid. I know it has the word “droid” in its name, but it works just as good for iPhones. To transfer data from Windows to iPhone, first, download the app on your iPhone. Then head to the “My Devices” tab..

Airdroid Web

Then tap on Airdroid web and enter the URL onto the web browser on your PC. Ideally, the app would ask you to sign in, but you can continue without it as well. Also, just because it’s iOS and their sandboxing you can only access the Android zone folder.

There are a lot of things about Airdroid that I like, and it works really well. But there are certain things that make me not want to use it for instance the signing thing that pops up every now and then. It creates a distraction at times. Well, thankfully there’s another alternative for it. Let talk about it.

Download AirDroid app from here.

File Transfer App

An alternative to Airdroid is File Transfer. You might be having the thought that it is not a very unique name and sounds ordinary. But it works just as good as Airdroid. Well yeah, it is pretty much the same thing without all that sign-in information needed. To use it, just tap on the receive button and enter the URL shown into the web browser on your PC. The process after this is pretty simple, drag and drop the files you wish to transfer to your iPhone. It is super fast and quite reliable.

You can download File Transfer app for iPhone from here.

File Transfer App URL

F Sharing App

There’s another app that you can use to transfer data. And it works inside Windows Explorer itself. It’s called F Sharing. What F Sharing does is it generates an IP address that you can access from your Explorer itself the easier way. Go to “Run” and type the URL as shown and you’re in. In terms of speed, it works pretty much the same as the other apps but there are no web ads. And you can also get the look of a traditional file browser.

You can download F Sharing app for iPhone from here.

F Sharing App
Enter IP in "Run" Box in Windows

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Send Anywhere

Another app in this list is Send Anywhere which is my favorite app to use in this genre. It is a very simple app and is quite easy to use. It uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files without using the Internet. Simply head over to and click “Send”. Select the file you want to share. Now all you have to do is enter the six-digit generated key onto your iPhone. You can do that from within the Send Anywhere app. And if you’re short on memory space you can open the same link in your phone’s web browser and download the file directly from there as well. Snd Anywhere provides a simple way that you can use to transfer files from Windows to iPhone without iTunes.

Send Anywhere app to transfer files from Windows to iPhone without iTunes

It is quite convenient and work seamlessly on both ends. That said there are a few caveats here and there. For instance, you can only transfer one file in one go. And secondly, if your device does not support Wi-Fi direct it will use your phone’s internet.

Visit this link to download Send Anywhere app Apple’s website or click here to visit Send Anywhere website.

VLC App for Video Lovers

VLC app to transfer videos from Windows

Before we wrap things up here’s a quick tip for all you video lovers out there. If all you want to transfer data from your PC to your iPhone just to watch movies or other sorts of video content VLC is your go-to app. In order to transfer videos, you can use the app to generate a URL and simply drag and drop your files. The files will then automatically load up inside the app. it works great and is super convenient. VLC is one stop app recommended for all your videos transfer from Windows to iPhone.

Download VLC app for iPhone.

So, these were some of the cool apps that you can use to transfer files from Windows to iPhone without iTunes. Let us know in the comments if you know more cool apps or have any other techniques that you use for the transfer and we will add them to our list.

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