Fix “Windows Preparing Automatic Repair” Boot Loop of Death

In this article, I’ll be showing you a couple of ways to fix Windows 10 startup problems. Your system might be stuck with Windows preparing automatic repair boot loop of death or some other problem. Either in the form of an automatic repair loop, your PC did not start correctly, infinite booting or some other similar startup problem you might be experiencing with your Windows 10.

When you start your laptop and after a few minutes of trying to build it up, an error pops up with the blue screen of death (BSOD) saying “Automatic repair” – Your PC did not start correctly. And after attempting the initial fix it further posts this error saying, “Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC”.

Windows Preparing automatic repair blue screen

You may also get a different error with some kind of infinite boot loop or other blue screen errors. There are several possible reasons why you may be experiencing this problem. It could be due to some abrupt shutdown or power failures. It could be due to installing incompatible updates or even due to some applications you have installed on your PC. Depending on the event that led to this problem you wouldn’t need to try all fixes. You could simply pick the method that is more likely to solve your problem and implement it. Let’s look at the solution that you could try to fix your “Windows preparing automatic repair” problem.

Restart your PC

The first thing to try, especially if this is the first time you are seeing a blue screen error like this, is the restart option. Try restarting your PC and see if it puts you back into windows. Then afterward you can observe the behavior of your PC to see if this happens again. Like I mentioned earlier this could be due to power failure or abrupt shutdown of the PC. It could also happen when you attach some new hardware like an external hard drive or USB devices to your PC. For some reason such devices may not be fully compatible with your PC, so your Windows just pops a blue screen and shuts down. I’ve seen that happening with USB sticks and external hard drives. In such cases, there is no need to panic or change any settings. Simply use this restart option and try to boot your PC and get back Windows. But if that fails or if you keep getting such errors over and over again then you can proceed with the other suggestions below.

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Use the Startup Repair tool

The second fix would be to use the startup repair tool. This is a default tool provided in windows to help fix problems that keep your windows from loading. To do a startup repair for Windows follow these steps:

1. On the blue screen that you get which says, “Automatic Repair: Your PC did not start correctly”, click on the “Advanced Options” button at the bottom right.

Go to Advanced options to fix Windows 10

2. Then you should have a screen with multiple options. Click on “Troubleshoot”.

Troubleshoot to fix windows automatic repair problem

3. Now once you are on the troubleshoot screen, click on “Advanced Options” again.

Advanced Options Troubleshoot

4. Then click on “Startup Repair”.

If you have multiple user accounts, it will prompt you to select the account you want to fix. Just select your account and enter the password. Then hit continue and wait for the startup repair tool to diagnose and try to repair your windows automatically. And while that happens you should see messages saying, “Diagnosing your PC”, “Checking disk for errors” and “Attempting repairs” and so on.

This process could take a while. From a few minutes to maybe an hour depending on the situation. Once this gets successful, you should be able to log back into your windows.

However, if this continues for an unusually long period of time then you should consider stopping the process and trying some other fixes.

If you ran the repair fix as mentioned above and after running the process it says, “Startup repair couldn’t repair your PC”. Or if you get a similar feedback, or your system keeps running for an unusually long period of time then you should proceed with the next fix.

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Use the registry backup command

The third solution you can try to fix Windows preparing automatic repair boot loop of death would be to use the registry backup command called read back. What this command does is it replaces your registry configuration with the last known good configuration you have on your PC. So, basically changing your registry configuration to the configuration of your most recent successful one. To do that follow the steps below.

Steps to fix automatic repair error using backups

1. Go back to this advanced options screen and on this page click on the “Command Prompt” option.

Troubleshoot using command prompt

2. Command Prompt window will open up. In the command prompt terminal, type the letter of the disk drive where you install your operating system. Usually, it is the C drive but, in some cases, it could be a different drive like D or E.

Enter disk drive where Windows is Installed

If you have Windows installed in C drive then type in the letter C and then a colon (“C:”),  and hit enter.

3. Now type in “dir” and hit enter. If you find the folders “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)” together with other folders like “Users” and “Windows” then you are in the right drive. Otherwise change your drive by typing another letter like “D:” and hit enter.

Check you are in right drive using Program Files folder

4. Once you see the “Program Files” and other folders you can be sure you are in the right drive, the one where Windows 10 is installed. Now you can run the registry backup command. But before running the command, back up the current registry. In case you may need to restore it afterward. To do that type in the command below and hit enter.

 cd \windows\system32\config

5. Then type the “MD backup” as shown in the image below and hit enter.

Command to fix automatic repair loop

6. Now type the below command and hit enter. Then wait a little bit for the files to be copied.

copy  *.* backup

7. After that type in “CD  regback” and hit enter.

cd  regback
Create backup in Windows 10

8. Then type “dir” once again and hit enter. Once you press enter you will see different files with their memory size on the disk. Note them and check the below-highlighted message.

You should now have a bunch of items with some six, seven, or even nine digits numbers next to them. So if you do not see big numbers or if you have zeros like in the image below then exit this fix. It means that files were not copied properly and there is a risk of proceeding forward. We will talk about how to fix this in another blog post.

Check the backup status Windows

But if you have the kind of numbers I mentioned above then move to next step.

9. Go ahead and type the command below and hit enter.

copy *.*  ..

10. Then type the letter “a” and hit enter to override all.

11. Finally type “exit” and hit enter to complete the process.

Override files to fix boot loop of death

It should then take you back to the page where you can now choose to continue to setup your computer or to shut down.

Continue to setup after the files are Overridden

So, these were some of the solutions that you could use to fix “Windows Preparing Automatic Repair” boot loop of death. Let us know if these solutions worked for you or if you have any other solutions. And we will include it here in our list.

Once your Windows is up and running do try some awesome Windows 10 tips and tricks to make the best of it.

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