How To Find Name Of Unknown Caller?

Unknown calls are a matter of stress primarily when you have changed your phone and lost all contacts. Other times when someone tries to disturb you frequently or some calls you don’t want to receive. There are situations when you miss an important call and later you can’t recognize who it was. In such cases, it’s better if we could know the details of the caller, some information about him like his name, location, etc. that could help us to recognize him and communicate effectively. And hence this post is about, “How to find the name of unknown caller?“. There are ways that you can use to find information about the unknown number right on your mobile phone screen when someone is calling you with an unknown number. Below I have mentioned apps and internet apps that help us to do so.

Using True Caller Internet App

True Caller is a website that stores information about most of the mobile numbers and shares that information with others.

True Caller Internet App
  1. To find the information about the unknown caller. Just visit True Caller homepage.
  2. On their homepage you will find a search bar as shown in the figure above.
  3. Just click on the air balloon in grey to select the country from which the call came.
  4. Enter the number of the unknown caller.
  5. Log In with any of the social networking account.
  6. See the information.

Name Finding Apps For Smartphones

Using CIA – Free Caller ID App For Smartphones

Caller Identification App

CIA is Caller Identification App that gives you information about the caller right on your mobile phone screen. It provides the name, address and other details of the caller. Some of its unique features –

  • Find a name. You can type a number into the CIA database to get the name behind it.
  • See a caller’s Facebook status. Link the app with your Facebook account and see your friend’s status and photo when they call.
  • Get social results. CIA not only offers you regular caller ID, but also the caller’s social network profiles including Facebook and LinkedIN.
  • Block spam calls. Get rid of annoying tele-marketers by marking the number as spam. CIA will block this number when it tries to call you again. And you’ll also get to see when other CIA users have marked a caller as spam too.
  • Send callers to voicemail. You can use the ‘Call Blocker’ feature to divert calls from withheld numbers straight to your voicemail. You can also add specific numbers you want to divert.
  • Find alternative merchants. Trying to call and not getting through? CIA will suggest other merchants for you to try.
  • Add contacts to your address book. CIA’s ‘Update Contacts’ feature lets you add new numbers and profiles to your existing address book.

CIA is available for both android and iOS – 

Use True Caller Mobile App to find name of mysterious caller

True Caller Mobile App

True Caller also serves its app for smartphones. You can download True Caller and see who is trying to contact you whenever some one calls. It is similar to CIA app discussed above but has less features. Here are some of its features –

Add Pictures and Contact Information

Using True Caller you can save profile pictures of your friends and relatives from social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

Search Number And Names

Search for any number or names in their database. And they will provide you with the information related to the data. True Caller notifies its user when someone requests their number. Also it gives users the chance to approve any request that come to them.

See Who Is Calling

True Caller displays the information of the caller instantly as he/she calls. The name and related information will be displayed instantly when the person calls.

Block Unwanted Numbers

It allows you to block unwanted numbers so that no one can disturb you and your number and other details will not be shared with the blocked person.

Download True Caller App on your device – Apple / Android.

So these were some of the ways by which you can find name of unknown caller. Try the apps and keep yourself informed.

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