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Google Chrome is an awesome web browser that is very popular all around the web. It offers a variety of themes and extensions that helps to customize it according to our needs. Google Chrome extensions are the apps integrated into Chrome browser that helps you perform some action easily or helps you minimize your work adding to a friendly interface. Here I am sharing with you the best free Google Chrome extensions download collection. It consists of the most widely used chrome extensions that are highly rated and are very useful. Do have a look and add them to your Google Chrome to enhance your web browsing experience.

Download Free Best Google Chrome Extensions (Top 10)

#1 Adblock – Block Annoying Ads

Adblock Google Chrome Extension

It is among the most popular extensions. Adblock allows you to block all ads over the web including text ads, banner ads, and other ads. The ads are block and a white screen appears on the page instead of ads as you can see in the above image. You don’t need to adjust or change any setting. Just add Adblock extension to chrome and visit your favorite website. You will find no ads on the page. You can download Adblock from here.

#2 Lightning Newtab – Website Fast Dial

Lightning Newtab

Lightning Newtab is an HTML 5 chrome extension that lets you find your favorite website as soon as possible. If you want to visit any extension it will provide a shortcut, custom websites and wallpapers are easily accessible with the use of this Google chrome extension. Here are some special features of Lightning Newtab –

  • LightningNewtab Fast Search, with tips and help; 
  • LightningNewtab uses HTML5/CSS3 design, pages gorgeous and rendering fast
  • A fast visit to bookmarks and histories;
  • Add and delete bookmarks, fast dial, and manage plug-ins;
  • Add your favorite websites in your dial plate through one key-press; 
  • Set the page background freely, and collect your favorite background pictures; 
  • Rearrange bookmarks by dragging easily;
  • Auto-display popular dials; 

Overall the extension is cool.

#3 Iminent – Make You Conversations Cheerful

Iminent Extension

Iminent is a chrome extension that allows you to add smileys to your conversation. They have stored data for thousands of emoticons and symbols which you can use during any conversation and add them to your chat messages. When you download it, it appears as a toolbar in your browser and from there you can choose any smiley that you want to insert into your chatbox. Currently, this extension works for Facebook ( chat, status, messages, comments ), Youtube comments, and Gmail. 

#4 Gmail Checker – Speed Up Email Checking

Gmail Checker

Gmail Checker is like a small button that will be added in the chrome top right bar when you will download the Gmail Checker extension. It will show you the number of unread messages in your Gmail Inbox and you can visit your inbox just by clicking on it. Download Gmail Checker.

#5 Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper provides you the facility to save any webpage you like on the internet to your personal Evernote account. It makes saving, mark up and sharing of web content easy and simple. Using Evernote Web Clipper you can save articles, full pages conversation, acrobat documents and many more things. What you can save –

  • Gmail: Clip Gmail conversations along with any attached files
  • Screenshots: Take a screenshot of a page, mark it up and share with friends
  • Article: The Web Clipper automatically detects the article content
  • Simplified Article: Remove all distractions from the page for a cleaner, more readable clip
  • Selections: Select the text and images you want to save, then click the button
  • PDF: Save any PDFs you view online directly into your Evernote account
  • Full page: Save the entire page
  • Bookmark: Saves the main image and a brief excerpt from the page

Just download this Google chrome extension and enjoy easy saving and sharing of your favorite content on web. Download Evernote Web Clipper.

#6 Quick Start – Another Website Fast Dial

Quick Start

Just like Lightning Newtab, this is another quality website fast dial that lets you access your extensions, web apps, favorite pages, and content quickly. It also provides information about weather, game center, boutique shopping, wallpaper switching, and collection, etc.

#7 Google Translate – Read Multiple Languages

Google Translate

Google Translate, as the name suggests is a translating tool that helps you read pages that are not in your language. Most of the time the very useful data on the internet is in another language and if you don’t know that language properly you might miss some unique useful information. Hence in those cases, it’s better to keep this extension added into chrome. Google translate quickly translates any web page into your desired language so that you can read the content comfortably. On doubling a word it also shows the original word so you can make it clear what the writer wants to convey. Download Google Translate extension.

#8 Hola Better Internet – Unblock The Internet

Hola Google Chrome Extension

Hola Better Internet is among the best free Google Chrome extensions to download. It allows you to access blocked websites. The pages and content that is blocked in your country, company, or school. They have their own VPN proxy service that allows you to access blocked sites by changing your proxy address. To use this extension just download it and visit the website that is blocked. After opening the website, click on the Hola icon and change your country. Your proxy is now changed and you can access the site freely. Download Hola Better Internet here.

#9 Avast Online Security – Secure Web Browsing

Avast Extension

Avast Online Security chrome extension is a protective extension that avoids phishing attacks and malwares to keep your browsing secure and threat free. Some unique features of Avast Online Security –

  • The interface is a lot simpler – just a ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘thumbs-down’ to rate websites.
  • New Do Not Track feature to block those annoying advertising and analytics sites from following you everywhere you go online.
  • Collects data on phishing sites and warns if you visit them.
  • Gives access to our website-reputation system, powered by a community of over 170M users.
  • Enables you to rate any website, improving the system and helping other users
  • SiteCorrect feature: Automatic redirection of mistyped URLs to the legitimate one (e.g. –>
  • Warns when visiting websites with a bad reputation.
  • Indicates a site’s rating next to its link in your search results.

Avast Online Security is among the must-have chrome extensions that you should install to keep your browsing experience of quality. Download Avast Google Chrome extension.

#10 Hangouts – Bring Conversation to Life

Hangout - Best Chrome Extension

Hangout is an awesome chrome extension that lets you group conversation with your friends on your computer, smartphone or apple devices. You can share photos, emoji and make video calls for free. You can call upto ten friends in a conversation. Share your thoughts and interact with this quality extension. Some unique features –

  • You can use them in any tab. Or even without opening the chrome window.
  • Hangout works on multiple devices including smartphones and Apple devices.
  • You can snooze your notification if you don’t feel like responding.
  • Share with your friends, photos and videos.
  • Your notification is flashed just once. Once you see it disappears.
  • You can see the history of Hangouts of the past.

Overall Hangout is a great Google Chrome extension if you have lots of friends and you want to be engaged with them all the time. Download Hangout from here.

#11 Gaming Wonderland – Play Online Games

Gaming Wonderland

Cool chrome extension for game players. Gaming Wonderland brings you more than 300 online games at a single spot. These include games from all categories including cards, sports, puzzle, arcade, slots etc. With this extension you can –

  • Have fun with brain buster games. 
  • Try your hand at slots or sports-themed games.
  • Play board game favorites and casino classics. 

#12 LastPass – Free Password Manager

LastPass Free Password Manager

Do you face troubles with remembering passwords? Do you click “Forgot Password” option many times because you are not sure of your password? Or do you hate typing credit card info again and again? Then LastPass is for you. It is an award winning password manager that works on multiple operating system and browsers. It saves all your passwords in itself and all you have to remember is one password, the password to access your LastPass account. Here are some unique features of this extension –

  • Passwords are auto-filled for you as you go to your sites – less typing! 
  • Manage everything from a simple, searchable “password vault”
  • Add, edit, view, delete and organize your sites
  • Store login usernames and passwords
  • Checkout fast by adding credit cards & shopping profiles
  • Attach docs, PDFs, images, audio, and more
  • Save any piece of data you need to keep secure and accessible 
  • Protect your LastPass account with multifactor authentication
  • Use the LastPass security check to review your passwords and flag weak and duplicate passwords
  • Generate secure passwords to replace weak ones
  • Create new passwords as you sign up for sites
  • Securely share your passwords with friends and family 
  • Only worry about one master password
  • Never forget another password
  • Generate strong passwords that you don’t have to remember 

Download LastPass extension.

#13 Photo Zoom For Facebook

Photo Zoom For Facebook

Photo Zoom is an awesome extension for all Facebook addicts. It helps to magnify Facebook pictures. You don’t even need to click on on the photo. Just bring your cursor on the pic and it will automatically magnify the image. It will help you save time and tabs. Photo Zoom is among the most rated chrome apps for Facebook.

Download Photo Zoom for Facebook

#14 From Doc To Pdf – Free Converter

From Doc To Pdf Converter

From Doc To Pdf is a free Google chrome extension that allows you to convert files to pdf and from pdf. You can convert multiple files like .doc, .jpg, .tiff etc. Some of its features –

  • FREE conversions to .DOC, .TIFF, .JPG files and more.
  • Easily translate into multiple languages for Free.
  • Quickly convert between many file formats for Free.

So this was the best free Google chrome extension download collection of extensions that are widely used and highly rated. They add quality to your browsing experience making them ad-free and secure. Do download the one that you like and keep checking the list for more updates!

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