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Cool Instagram Username Ideas with Instagram Username Generator

by Nick

Finding a cool Instagram username is difficult at times. Especially if you’re like me like who keeps on wandering from one thought to another. You might be feeling confused on how to decide that one Instagram username that would show your personality altogether in a couple of words. I understand no one can fit our big personalities in a short username. But since Instagram just gives us 30 letters to flaunt, let’s try to make the best of it and find a perfect Instagram username for you. It took me days to find a good username for Instagram. But that should happen with you as you have already landed on this page. In the post below, I have mentioned some cool Instagram username ideas that helped me find a good username. Hopefully, they should help you as well.

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I have also shared a tool below. It is built to generate some username suggestions, mostly from your input. It also has some pre-fed words that add some style to your keywords. Do check it out.

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Cool Instagram Username Generator

Instagram username generator

Below is a tool that you can use to generate Instagram username suggestions. It works by taking your inputs. It also has some inbuilt words to spin off your input with some cool slangs. Instagram username generator below will ask for your nickname, your hobbies, your favorite words, and the qualities you have or want to have ;). It will then look for various combinations that can be made using these words and will suggest you some cool Instagram username ideas. I would recommend that you use the input option exhaustively and feed in some eye-catchy keywords. You should then get some unique Instagram username suggestions.

How to use the Instagram username generator?

Step 1 – Just click anywhere inside the console above.
Step 2 – Enter you nick name or any name you want to use for your instagram account. Press Enter.
Step 3 – Enter your hobbies. You can make multiple entries by separating words using “space”.
Step 4 – Enter your favorite qualities.
Step 5 – Enter you favorite words. These could be any words, not necessary from english language that you want use for your instagram account.

Once you enter all details and press Enter, you should see a list usernames generated within the console. If you want to start again, click on the “Run” option on the top left bar of the console above.

If you are not sure about what words or qualities to enter, see the point below. They will help you to get some cool instagram username ideas.

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Special Characters You Can Use to Make a Cool Instagram Username

Instagram allows only letters, numbers, underscores, and periods in its username. You cannot put any other symbols or special characters in your username. In the tool above you will see underscore is prominently used as a separator. But you can choose to remove it and use either a period or a number if your favorite username is not available.

Cool Instagram username ideas

How to Get a Unique Instagram Username?

There are a lot of words in the English language, but to choose a few among them, which would make it to your Instagram username requires some thought. you might want your Instagram username to be unique and reflective of your personality or it should describe a meaning that makes it special for you. Thinking along the same lines below are some of the points that can give your thinking a direction and help you come up with a good Instagram username.

This might sound a little traditional and not so creative approach. Like you might be thinking, okay, this was the first thought that came to my mind. Just combine a cool word with your nickname and be done with it. But do remember old id gold. What makes this traditional technique still work is the slangs. Slang words do change over a period of time. Slangs that you choose for your username do talk about your generation and the decade in which you were born. Yeah, so slangs that your father or mother may have used definitely don’t sound very interesting to you now. Being a millennial, you definitely want to have something dank, if you know what I mean ;). Below are some of the cool slides that you can use to lit your Instagram username. Yes, I just flaunted with another one of them in my previous sentence.

List of slang words for Instagram usernames ideas

Here are some slangs and ideas for Instagram username along with their meaning:

  • Bruh – Are you serious?
  • Hunty – Kind of a friend bit mentioned with attitude
  • Mood – Used to mention something relatable
  • Lit – Shining, when someone is turning up
  • Sus – when someone is acting shady
  • Low key – With less intensity/ sort of
  • High key – Straight forward truth
  • AF – short for “as fuck”
  • Turnt – party hype
  • Slay – Getting successful/ Nailed it
  • Humblebrag – When someone brags about their stuff but as a complaint, something like “My house is so big, it takes me hours to clean it”
  • Bae – Before everyone else
  • Bye Felicia – Another way so say bye, dismiss someone
  • Ghost – To refer someone who doesn’t show up for a long time
  • Shook – Shocked/ Confused/ In disbelief
  • Dank – Cool
  • Beat – Makeup face
  • Savage – Petty
  • Fam – Group of close friends who think of themselves as family
  • JOMO – Joy of missing out
  • FOMO – Fear of missing out
  • Mom – Refers to one member of the group who takes care of everyone else/ most responsible
  • Trill – True and real
  • Snatched – attractive
  • OTP – One true pairing
  • Finesse – To smooth things out/ make friends/ forgive
  • GOAT – Greatest of all time
  • Squad – your friend circle
  • Goals – being jealous/ wanting things

These were some slangs that you can use in your username that will make them “snatched”. These slangs can give you some cool instagram username ideas. If you know more such words, let me know in the comments. I’ll add them here for others.

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Getting usernames for Instagram ideas from real life incidents

Everyone lives a different life. Goes through ups and downs. You walk, you run, you laugh, you cry, you share your moments of joy and sorrow with your special loved ones. Do different things; you make different decisions, and you learn new things all along the way. Why not share impressions of these journeys in your Instagram username? Think of the good memories. The special moments you had maybe this year, last year, or maybe something even before that. Try to think of a word that would remind you of that incident. Something that makes you feel good and include it in your Instagram username.

Let’s say if you invested a lot of money in the market when it tanked during the COVID period and made a lot of money. Then mentioning the words like “big bull” in your username could be one of your choices. This may not be the best example, but you get the point.

Adding your birth year if your cool Instagram username is not available

At times think and search a lot to get a cool Instagram username only to find that it is taken already. in those cases, one of the common things to do is to add your birth year in the end. Now all the beautiful ladies out there, who are reading this post, may not like this idea very much. But for you all, I would say it’s not mandatory to include the birth year. You can choose any of your lucky numbers, maybe your wedding anniversary date or something like that. Anything that makes you feel good and special. So that every time you log in, you feel good.

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Taking words from your hobbies and activities

You can also take inspiration from the things you enjoy doing. Maybe your hobbies or other activities that you do besides your regular day job. Some people are interested in gardening, some like fishing, some of you would like to hike, maybe swim, etc. Things that you do to have fun, can fetch you a couple of catchy words that would make your username for Instagram sound super cool.         

Include official keywords in business account usernames for Instagram

If you are searching for usernames for Instagram to create a business account, then it’s better to stay elegant. You might want to keep the official word in the Instagram username for sure. May be then post the pictures of your business, happy customers, pictures of beautiful and yummy cakes/pastries from your bakery on Instagram.

You can use the Instagram username generator tool above and mention your business name along with some keywords that describe your business. The tool will come up with various combinations of those words and should be able to provide you some usernames for Instagram ideas and suggestions.

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Some cool Instagram usernames list


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