Benefits of EDU Email Address aka your College Mail ID

Being a student can be tough at times. You have to deal with assignments, research papers, semester exams, and whatnot. But there is one thing that is always there to help you out, one thing that your college gives you, your free college email ID. You may be wondering what are benefits of EDU email address? Simple answer, “Plenty“. There are a lot of companies that provide big discount coupons and run promotional offers for college students. Some examples are Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Student Universe, Targus, and many more. You can register with them online and grab the cool advantages of college mail ID. And if you are here to grab these benefits then you have landed on the right page.

Below I have mentioned different websites and businesses that provide you services at a cheaper price and serve you with cool discount coupons when you register with them using your college mail ID aka your EDU email address. Paying for college already empties our pockets then why not use the benefits college provides to save some quick bucks.

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Grab Tech Benefits of EDU Email Address

#1 Amazon

Let’s start availing advantages of college mail ID with Amazon. We all watch movies and television shows and have our favorite web series. All of us want to get quick delivery of items that we order online on Amazon. And Amazon offers all of these services for a hefty price. But not if you are a college student!

Benefits of EDU email address - Amazon Prime

Take the benefit of EDU email address to register at Amazon and verify your account to get one year of Amazon Prime subscription for only $0.99 per month. Moreover, Amazon will also give you one year of Amazon Music Unlimited for the same price if you are a college student. Aren’t the benefits of EDU email address cool?

Amazon also offers discounts of up to 90% on certain textbooks. You can visit Amazon Prime’s website here and register with your EDU email address and get all the benefits mentioned above. Do keep a credit card handy, as you will need to enter your credit card details while signing up. If you don’t have a credit card you can also use a virtual credit card provided by your bank for registration.

#2 Apple

When it comes to student discounts how can tech giants like Apple stay behind? Apple also provides good benefits of EDU email address. Apple offers a discount of $100 on MacBook Air and a discount of up to $200 on selected Mac products. It also offers a $20 off on an iPad Pro.

Apple Discount for College Students

These offers are available on all new MacBook and iPads. They are available to current and newly accepted college students as well as their parents, their faculty members, staff, and even to home schoolteachers of all grades. So, these perks are not just for students like you but even if you’re mama or papa wants a new iPad pro or maybe a MacBook air, they can use your college ID and avail the benefits. Checkout Apple offers here and take the advantage of college mail ID.

#3 Microsoft

Microsoft also offers really cool discounts for college students. if you are a student then you can visit any Microsoft Store or shop online and get a 10% savings on selected hardware and accessories. These include laptops, Microsoft Surface, computers, and other tablets. You can also get free access to Microsoft Office 365. Similar to Apple, Microsoft discounts are also available to your parents if you are studying in a college.

Microsoft College Mail ID Advantage

Microsoft provides benefits of EDU email address even before you join college. Like if you are enrolled as a K-12 student and are over 13 years of age, or if you are a parent to a K-12 student or a college student who is enrolled in a four-year university degree or a two-year college, or even in a vocational school, you can still claim these discounts. Visit the Microsoft Store to check it out.

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#4 Skullcandy

Skullcandy EDU Email Address ebenfit

If you enjoy music and are a big fan of Skullcandy earphones, then being a student and having an EDU email address is beneficial for you. Skullcandy offers a discount of 20% on all of its products for students who are enrolled in a college University degree. Checkout Skullcandy student deals.

#5 Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a cloud service provided by Adobe Inc. This cloud service consists of various desktop and mobile applications that are kind of like software that is used for web development, graphic design, photography, video editing, file management, etc. Some of the applications that are included with Adobe Creative Cloud are Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Spark, Adobe XD, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro. In all, there are around twenty applications that you can access to complete your task.

Adobe 60% of with EDU Email Address

Usually, a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud costs around $52.99 bucks a month for a regular individual. But for college students, Adobe has given a discount of around 60% so the cost comes down to $19.99 a month. Adobe provides really cool benefits of EDU email address if you are into arts or should I say techy sketches!

Visit the adobe website to avail of subscription offer using your college mail ID.

#6 Targus

Targus College Mail ID Benefits

Targus also provides decent discounts for students and teachers on its tech gears. Even teachers can get advantages of college mail ID. Targus provides a discount of 25% on University backpacks, student laptop bags, computer accessories, and docking stations. They are a good brand and if you prefer their products, getting a 25% off is a nice deal. These discounts are available for teachers and military veterans as well. Visit the Targus education discount page and grab the 25% off benefit.

Travel Advantages of College Mail ID

#7 Student Universe

Another cool website that you should register with to take advantage of college mail ID is Student Universe. It’s a site dedicated to providing economical air tickets, hotels, and tours to students who are traveling in United States and abroad. They started in US in the year 2000 and have expanded to UK and Australia since. They have a partnership with most of the major airlines and service providers and they have bargained a cheaper price especially for students.

Student Universe Cheap Flight Benefits with EDU Email Address

There are no fixed discounts and the offer varies. You can register on their website and grab the benefit of EDU email address by booking the same flight tickets for a cheaper price. Here is the link to the Student Universe page.

#8 Amtrak

Amtrak provides student discount savings on train rides in the United States. You can grab cheap train crickets in California, New York State trains, selected Midwest trains, and trains between Virginia and Washington DC. A train ride home can help be economical, save your time if you don’t stay too far. It also helps you get home at your comfort without going through all the background checks that you have to complete at an airport. Their train cars have a cafe like they serve snacks and beverages.

Amtrak Advantage of College Mail ID

Amtrak provides a discount of 15% on California, New York, and Midwest trains and up to 25% on Virginia train rides. Check out their website to see their travel-related student discount offers.

#9 Greyhound

Greyhound provides intercity bus travel and shipping services. if you want to send like big parcels for reduced prices, you can use their services. They have a loyalty card program for college students. As per this student discount program, they offer 10% off on their bus rides and another 15% off shipping.

Greyhound discount with EDU email Address

They are quite popular in Texas. If you are pursuing your college in Dallas or Austin then it’s worth checking them out, maybe grab another benefit of EDU email address.

If you are trying to open these websites and are unable to do so, check this post on how to fix webpage not available error.

These were some of the awesome advantages of college mail ID that you can grab and save some quick bucks. There are many more benefits of EDU email address which I’ll keep updating on this blog regularly. If you find them before me make sure to comment and let everyone know. Till then do subscribe and keep reading!

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